Raider Fans – A Little History

 This article is about the new wave of Raiders fans who began to find and develop their own resources online.   This wave of fans mirrored the early era of blogging and social media on the internet, somewhere around 1995.   There were many branches of the online Raider fan experience as resources grew organically.  One of the more branches still survives today – the Worldwide Fans In Black Booster Club(WFIB).  WFIB, founded in 2004 and officially approved in 2005, became the largest officially recognized Raiders club in existence.


Part I – In The Beginning
Part II – The Early Years
Part III Expansion to
Part IV Raider Fan from Scotland(CMAC)Assumes the Lead
Part III Notes and Quotes from CMAC
Part V The Worldwide Fans In Black is Official
Part VI Not for Profit, Helping Charities
Part VII Greatness in the Future

 note: the following facts and recollections are presented to provide background to anyone who is new or may have missed some of the formation and events that make this club unique.  It is also meant to inspire comments of those who can correct or expand any of the events and dates in the timeline.

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