Ben Boulware?!?

What happened to this guy? Everyone was saying how good of a MLB he was in college, then he slipped all the way through the draft, untouched.

Looks like Carolina just signed him as a UDFA.

Was he just too slow to play in the NFL or what? Does he have character concerns?

Kinda odd to hear this guy's name all over before the draft, then he is completely forgotten. ESPN had him as one of the "best available" for a while today.

Marquel Lee…

I said we had 2 bonafide starters in Conley and Obi, with Van-Dozer could make it 3 starters out of this draft. Looks like that possibility of a 4th may just be there no matter the long uphill battle.

Jelani Jenkins looks like he is staying at Will and Marquel Lee is going to be competing with the rest for the Mike job. Stranger things have happened, if the Dozer comes through like some believe he can, it would make the life of Marquel Lee much easier and give him a real shot at snatching that job away.

Stay tuned....Same Bat Time...Same Bat Channel.
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